Lunch Box

Lunch Box comments on the availability of certain superstore foods and classic lunch meals.  Their over availability makes them easy for on the go meals, yet these foods are not the healthiest choice.  Many healthy foods are more expensive and considered luxurious, so a problem arises.

The resin encases the meal in the lunch box both preserving these industries through consumerism.  The resin also prevent a person to read in a take this meal, showing how these foods should not be as easily accessible.  As time continues, the foods may begin to decay inside the preserving resin, showing how the preservation of these unhealthy foods may begins to affect our health.

Anthropogenic Stalagmites: Remix

I've always been interested in the loss of visible starlight as light pollution increases, and I have this interest because the stars seem to make their way down to our grounds.  City lights are like stars on the ground.  We have replaced the sky's stars with artificial ones in our buildings.

Anthropogenic Stalagmites: Models 

I modeled several "trash" objects which consisted of a metal whistle, an OU button, a cassette tape, a small light, and lensless skeleton glasses.  These are all pieces which will outlast my life time, and the items we bring into our lives define who we were and exist past ourselves.  These trash pieces which I have collected over the years can provide someone insight to my personality and life; however, a person's trash will never fully identify the owner. 

Blobject: Untitled

The final product of my blobject project was made entirely from a 3D print of a cinema4D model.  The finish is a fog spray paint over a black painted base.  The work was a self improvement through practicing abstract work in which the concept is born from the initial box shape, instead of applying a concept to the project.

Blobject 3D Models

While working on this piece, it's celestial aesthetic became more apparent.  Originally beginning as an exercise in camouflaging the cube into a new being, it has morphed into the ability to hide surrounded by so much more.  Similar to the way the Earth loses its grandeur the further our perspective moves away from it.

Blobject Concept Sketches

In my return to 3D Modeling Sculpture, I encounter the Blobject assignment once again.  This piece is about blending the box into its surroundings.  The additions on the box create curve and balance with the harsh shapes on the cube.  The cube itself its also designed with curved cut outs to further camouflage the cube with the flowing shapes.

The added pieces are inspired by Choe U-Ram's artwork.

Final Project Nursing Tree

The humanization of this tree represents nursing trees and our bizarre need to apply human occupation to a innate occurrence in nature.  Fallen trees are not nurses; they are fallen trees, material to create new life.  Why do people also need to push their ideas and perspectives onto everything?

Final Project Concept Proposals

In this idea I am exploring nursing trees (which are trees that have fallen and new life begins to grow from) and our human need to name it a "nurse".  It is rather funny to me to think we need to specifically label a fall tree (which naturally contributes to nature and the life cycle) as a 'nurse'.  It is nature for new life to appear from the decay; there is no need for the  meaning of nursing to forcibly associate itself with the life cycle.

My proposal for this piece to to model the character below in Cinema4D and print the work using an inkjet printer.  I wish to keep the project light and inviting as nature is incredibly beautiful and welcomes our gaze.


The artist Mark Dion's work Neukom Vivarium inspired this concept.

Anthropogenic Stalactites Final

Here is the final product of the Anthropogenic Stalactites project.  This second part was to take fellow students' 3D models and create a conceptual piece.  I used models that suggest an animal or natural element, but are man-made objects.

I am commenting on how people frequently refer to nature, yet create pieces displacing it.  Our desire for technology over nature is cause for concern and should not be overlooked.  Someday people will look at these types of artifacts and realize there is no actual natural creature to relate to it.


An artist who inspired this piece is Peter Edlund.


Credit to my fellow artists:

Miles Mallard

Max Sahni

Isabella Bertolini

Abbie Zimmer

Kyle Gersman

Lincoln Ficek

Anthropogenic Stalactites

The first part of this assignment is to collect and 3D model five junk objects.  My objects include a plug, a wi-fi router antenna, a screw and wire, a circuit board, and a piece of a CO2 and heart rate monitor.  All of these pieces, except the antenna, came from the same Masimo machine.

In Cinema 4D, I modeled these objects primarily using parametric primitives and boole additions and subtractions.

Transmaterial Interchange Final Result

The final result of my transmaterial project is finished.  This pieces discusses the relationship of paranoia and logical thought; it is how paranoia birthed from superstitions and fears overtake our rational and logical thoughts.

The decision to change the blobject's color came about after a class critique.  The opal-like surface created a mood opposite to what I wish to convey.  I decided to pull back into a simpler design instead of adding a visual element to describe artificiality of superstitions through the Opal.  The matte black resembles grim reaper ropes to call back to the form's inspiration and the paranormal/superstitions.

And for those who are curious... The materials used to create this piece include: wood, plastic, acrylic paint, and vinyl Spackle paste.

Transmaterial Interchange 3D Models

The images below are 3D models and rendering of my Transmaterial Interchange project for my 3D Modeling class.  The concept is of paranoia and superstition overtaking logical thought.

The blobject overtaking the wooden cube represents the paranoia manifesting itself from superstition to envelope logical thought (materialized by the cube).  The blobject's surface aesthetic focuses on the color and materiality of opal.

Opal has its own superstitions surrounding it.  The superstition that opals are unlucky to those wearing the stone when it is not the wearer's birthstone, originated from a fiction novel in the 1800s.  It is important the blobject be painted opal like after being 3D printed to resemble the fabrication of superstitions by human creativity.

The purpose of this project is to remind people that superstitions originate in folklore and fiction, and truly have no weight to them.  The paranoia that breeds from these stories only cause harm to our logical thought, and that this problem is purely human born.

Transmaterial Interchange Concept Sketches

These sketches are the beginning of a 3D Modeling project.  The cube shape will be wood and represents logical thought.  The innate thought which understands and thinks of the world's foundation of concrete and basic properties.  The blob shape encompassing the cube will be plastic.  This shape represents the irrational.  The thoughts which breed paranoia and superstition.  The shape consumes and grabs hold of the cube, resembling our fears of the supernatural taking control of our known understanding of the physical and organic world.  The blob is plastic because superstition is artificially created by humankind's folklore and stories.

This concept originated from my interest in superstitions and the paranoia it breeds.  Superstitions originate in stories and circumstances, because the human brain naturally searches for patterns.  We deem items and actions "unlucky" since our brains connect a bad event to the object or action.

The Opal for example is considered unlucky to wear if it is not your own birthstone.  However, this particular superstition is not from folklore; it is from the 19th century novel Anne of Geuerstein by Sir Walter Scott.  This is a superstition clearly crafted by humankind.  This artificial superstition is the reason why the blob object will be painted to resemble an opal.

These artists (listed below) inspired me to explore superstitions, the supernatural, and our relation to both.  Goya tackled paranoia and superstitions, bringing to light our irrational fears.  Krause took human fears and made light of them in his simple comics.  Coss shows the hold mental illnesses has on people, making it clear they are something which may never be removed.  I too will explore these darker themes of the supernatural and explain it's hold on rational thinking by using the hands.  I am also attempting to make light of the nature of superstitions by painting the blob to look like an opal, because superstitions are a problem we made for ourselves.

©2018 Ellen Bartlett