Computer Animation: Beyond the Iris

Beyond the Iris is a computer animation exploring self perception and perpetual attention on the self.

Beyond the Iris was created using  Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition.

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My Computer Animation final project involves the two characters shown below.  In this animation they open the eye they stand on only to find more eyes inside the pupil.  The use of black and white helps to preserve a sketchy film noir appearance originally show in the storyboards.

Computer Animation: Final Project 3D Models
Computer Animation: Final Project Storyboards

Here are the storyboards for my final project in computer animation.

In the images, we follow two characters as they cut open an eye using an eyelash.  They only find more eyes, in the pupil, staring back at them.

For my final computer animation project I am proposing four ideas.  What I have are concept sketches and once I have a stronger understanding of which idea I will likely make, I will make storyboards.

My first idea is a visualization of our carbon footprints.  The first person camera walks down a street road barren of any nature.  The viewer watches more people join the walk on the street and notices the footprints left behind.  These footprint ascend and transform into plastic bags which float away.  The viewer finally notices their own footprints doing the same thing behind them.

My second idea is a commentary on how people struggle to not see life from their perspective.  It features little human figures standing on top of an eye they share eye contact with.  The large eye continue to stare back at the two.  One of the little humans pulls out an eyelash and cuts the large eye below the iris.  When they open the eye and look into the pupil, they find more eyes staring back up at them.

My third idea is an exploration of typical fears.  The character leisurely spends time in their home, while unsettling characters hover behind the person.  The viewer gets to catch glimpses of these shadows as contrasted to the character who never gets a good look at them.

My fourth and final idea is contrast between reality and fantasy.  How the contrasted life is experience in fantasy and idealized.  People wish to live the fantasy compared to real life.  The video game being played will show a dystonia world while the person sits in a utopia world, or the video game shows a utopia while the person sits through a dystonia.

Computer Animation: Final Project Proposals
Computer Animation: Yearly Budget and Our Outlook

Our yearly resource budget is spent by August, and for the remainder of the year, we live in a deficit.  Every year we take more resources than our planet can provide.  Like the leaves falling from the tress, we watch as the Earth dies before our eyes.  We can predict the loss of Earth's health as time goes on, much like we annually predict the coming of autumn.

This piece shows a stick whose leaves are projection mapped.  They fall away with the wind, representing the decay of Earth.  This silent artwork, pulls the audience into silent contemplation.  What is our impact on the Earth?  Why can we watch the planet die like how we watch the leaves fall?

Each year August comes to an end, and autumn begins.  Our yearly budget has been surpassed while autumn leaves begin their fall.


My completed work is documented and shared on Youtube.

This is the 3D animation of my piece Yearly Budget and Our Outlook.

By August we have consumed Earth's annual resource budget.  For the final few months of the year, we are in a deficit.  Socially, we have a tendency to look at our environmental problems and not actively (and daily) pursue solutions.  We watch as the Earth dies before our eyes, yet we do not extend our hands for help.

This piece shows a stick whose leaves are projection mapped.  These leaves fall away and disintegrate in the wind, representing the future we are stepping into.  As we move into the autumn, our planet dies like the leaves that fall from branches.  We can predict the damage we cause to Earth much like we can predict autumn's leaves floating in the wind.  Even with these predicted futures, we need to prevent the future in which our hand damages our planet.

Computer Animation: Yearly Budget and Our Outlook
Computer Animation: Project 1 Sketches

In this project I plan on mounting a stick to a wall with an animation of leaves falling off the stick.  I wanted to explore the complacency and comfort we experience when stepping into new time with similar experiences.  For example, people are comfortable with changing seasons, as we have experience seasons ever year.

However, it is important to notice this is a stick - not a living branch.  This is dead, not alive.  I want to call into question our awareness of consumption of the planet's resources.  By late summer, we as a species consume the resource budget of that year, and for the remainder of the year we take more from this planet than it can provide for us.

How will we continue to comfortably look at nature this way, when it is being injured right in front of us?  How can we step into this predicted future with so few attempts to prevent this season of extinction?

©2018 Ellen Bartlett