Final Animation
Animation: Concept Works 

The sea kayaking boy ventures out to find place in the world and feel satisfaction with the world and his being in it.  He kayaks out into open waters at night to see the stars without light pollution and to see the bioluminescent phytoplankton coming into contact with his kayak.  

The character's color pallet sticks to warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, as well as gray neutrals.  It contrasts the greens and blues of the environment so he does not blend into nature.  The story is not about becoming one with nature, but instead of living alongside without the loss of humanity.

I draw a lot of design inspiration from Joseph Bennett's short film Scavengers and Powerpuff Girls.  I like the character design and backgrounds in Bennett's film, and I enjoy the bold silhouette outlines featured in the original Powerpuff Girls.  I wanted to incorporate similar features into my work.

The character design is still subject to change as the work is still in early development.  Storyboards will be coming soon.

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