The final animation is completed, and I will not be posting it yet.  However, I will show you all my documentation footage.



Tomorrow is the final critique.  The animation is mostly complete, aside from changes that will be made after critique.  Here is a sample of the final piece.


The stick of a lollipop reminds me of cigarettes.  When I worked on this piece, important people in my life were also working on quitting smoking.  They substituted cigarettes for lollipops. My idea came full circle about the visual parallels between the two, but why have I continued to be so hung up on this idea?   Why has that imaginative idea about lollipops being "child cigarettes" carried over into my adult life? I may never have a proper answer, but that is the reason for my animation.   A reflection on lollipops and smoking, and the kind of questions imaginings like this can take? 


In this work the character sees others smoking lollipops and gets trapped in this dimension for answers to a portion of questions.  Yet why is it difficult to allow yourself to be in the unknown? A Reflection on Lollipops explores my existentialism; I want to understand the importance of relationships between myself, others, and my surroundings.


I have decided to change some of the animatic by cutting a transition shot and cutting the animation short.  The place where the animation ends now provides a stronger more ambiguous ending, which I think is a stronger end for the work.

Here is the near complete rough animation.  The final steps are clean up, textures, clipping layers, and color blocking.


Ah-ha, I am back on track for this project!


This project was put on a brief pause while other commitments took hold of my time.  However, I am back into fully focusing on school and school related projects/commitments.

This project is an animation, so as a time based piece I think it requires a smaller private sections for itself.  For this animation to be displayed in a gallery space I require a 55" screen with a media player to play the video (and any necessary accessories).  Surround sound is ideal.  The viewing area will be narrow and darkened to keep the audiences focus towards the screen and aware of the walls around them.

The animation itself can be exported as large as 3840x2160 pixels.  It will not be any smaller than 1920x1080.  The duration is projected to be around 3 minutes.


It has been a while since my last update, but no need for concern.  I defeated the sick and still animated through the struggles.  Now there are no time laps of me actually working.  However, here is the rough animation progress so far.


Progression and Process Video.


Here is a short sweet list of my inspirations and influences:


A shot list has been made and I can get started on animating.


The animatic is complete for the most part.  There are some short sequences I am not entirely happy about, but I think the "story" and concept is now presented in a way that works.

I realize I never fully explained the concept behind the project.  The piece follows a character as they are transported through unusual events.  As the character runs away from a mysterious force, they are rejecting an internal and external conversation.  Only through reflection does the character come face to face with their Cosmic Being.  The Being holds the character and shows them more of what is beyond.  The Being accepts our character into their self and the character accepts the Being in return.  

The work is a reflection on the self and the placement of self in the universe.  It is meant to bring the viewer through a journey of rejection, acceptance, fear, and happiness.

I look forward to seeing how others interpret this work.


I did some work on the animatic in order to make more narrative than visual eye candy for the music.  It still requires some more work, but there are now elements that will be in the final work.


The first storyboard and animatic does not convey the feeling I wish to evoke with this project.  I begin remaking the storyboard and animatic while pulling from media inspirations, past artworks, and inspiration/ideas from the song I use for an editing and pacing reference tool. 

Here is a rough and incomplete (also low quality) animatic that I am working on.  It still requires more work before I am pleased with the projection the project.


A rough animation which this project is loosely based off from.

I had this idea for some time now, in which the appearance of lollipops mimic cigarettes.  The similarities of cigarettes and lollipops perhaps encouraged some to take up smoking.

Want to see the rough storyboard images I have made so far?

Yes you do.  Here you go!

Here is a rough animatic created to the song Hollow Tune by the band Brick + Mortar.  The audio will not be in the final product, it is only present in the animatic to help me edit timing.  I also like the song a lot, and if I am going to spend a lot of time editing and animating, then I am going to listen to a song a enjoy.

The animatic is still subject to change so this is not a conclusive plan for the future workings on the animation.


Completed the first round of rough story boarding.  

Moving onto creating an animatic which will provide information on early changes before moving onto audio and animating.

Rough Calendar

Week 1-3: conceptualizing and planning

Week 4: animatic due (9/10), create shot list (9/12)

Week 5: animate shots 1-?, create backgrounds

Week 6: animate shots, finish making backgrounds

Week 7: animate shots

Week 8: animate shots

Week 9: animate shots

Week 10: animate shots, coloring/shading shots

Week 11: animate shots, coloring/shading shots

Week 12: audio files/samples due, rough animation due (11/5) 

                 project should be roughly 80% complete

Week 13: audio work

Week 14: final editing and refining (11/19)

                 CRITIQUE DAY: November 21st

Week 15: ANIMATION COMPLETED and ready for submission

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